Environmental, Health And Safety Management Systems

FocalPoint Consulting helps clients with regulatory compliance and to reduce the risks and consequences of accidents and hazardous chemical releases. 


Based on the principals and guidelines of ISO 14001 and the chemical industry's Responsible Care initiative, we work with clients to:

  • Identify and prioritize risk management and compliance needs
  • Design, implement, maintain and improve their environmental, health and safety management systems
  • Organize, optimize, document and integrate employee and process safety, environmental, transport, product stewardship, community relations, emergency response and security processes
  • Develop, facilitate and carry through the resulting training and implementation strategies

TSCA Compliance
FocalPoint Consulting specializes in preparation of new chemical pre-manufacturing notifications, filing notices of commencement, SNUR compliance, recordkeeping and reporting, negotiating testing agreements, compliance with test rules, import and export compliance and resolving TSCA compliance problems.

OSHA Compliance
FocalPoint Consulting can help clients to lower the risk of occupational injuries and illness, reduce accidents and related costs, meet OSHA compliance obligations and avoid costly citations and penalties, based on extensive experience in:

  • Hazard Communication
  • Audits, Risk Evaluation And Risk Management 
  • Procedures Development And Management Systems 
  • Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plans
  • Process Safety Management
  • Change Management
  • Emergency Response Programs 
  • Training

Food Packaging Compliance

  • United States: FocalPoint Consulting can evaluate client formulations and manufacturing processes to determine suitability and certification for use in food packaging applications under FDA food packaging regulations (21 CFR). 
  • European Union: We also can help clients to understand complex and diverse European food packaging regulations, determine compliance and certify their products for sale in the European Community.

 Auditing and Acquisitions Support

  •  Auditing: FocalPoint Consulting can evaluate client systems and performance against applicable regulatory requirements and industry standards and assist with any needed corrective actions and system improvements
  •  Acquisitions: We also have helped clients to evaluate the technology and regulatory compliance systems of potential acquisitions and, after acquisition, to integrate the new assets and systems in the new organization
Litigation Support
Litigation support may include background research, assisting in preparation of permits or lawsuits, or providing expert testimony.

FocalPoint Consulting provides litigation support to clients dealing with safety, environmental and food packaging compliance litigation.  Based on over thirty years of chemical industry experience and successful resolution of complex compliance issues, FocalPoint Consulting can assist clients to interpret regulations, develop quantitative evidence in support of a technical position, and communicate this information to non-technical audiences.

Quality Systems
FocalPoint Consulting has over 10 years of experience in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of ISO 9000 quality systems.  With a practical, business perspective, we can help clients leverage their quality systems to provide real value to their customers and bottom line.

Specialty Chemical Technology Support
FocalPoint Consulting brings clients over 35 years of experience in the chemistry and manufacture of specialty chemicals, including uv/eb radiation curing materials, epoxy, urethane, phenolic, urea, melamine, acrylic and polyvinyl acetate resins and their use in adhesives, metal can coatings, flexible packaging, construction materials, foundry binders, abrasives, friction materials, insulation, molding compounds, microencapsulation, carbonless copy papers and synthetic pigments.